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The red town of Spain where you will travel to the Middle Ages

BayRadio | June 30, 2022

Now in summer, many already have holidays around the corner, although not all have the decided destination. With good temperatures, heat and longer days, the Spanish coasts are filled with visitors. However, the interior can also be a destination in which to spend days off. An example of the possibilities it offers is Albarracín, in the province of Teruel.

It is a town located on the bank of the Guadalaviar River and where thanks to its walls and its reddish color can transfer any visitor to the Middle Ages, yes, with many more amenities. It also offers an important natural and architectural environment that makes it suitable for all tastes.

As for nature, Albarracín offers the possibility of hiking trails and visiting the start of the Tagus. You can also walk through the Protected Landscape of the Pinares de Rodeno or the trail of the Guadalaviar River Walk.

On the other hand, this town characterized by its walls, its reddish houses with small windows preserves samples of Levantine rock art that have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO so it is an ideal destination also for lovers of culture and history.

It is a town of just over 450 square kilometers and with a population, according to the INE data of 2018, of 1,016 inhabitants. Despite being a small town, it offers countless attractions such as its Plaza Mayor, a cathedral, the churches of Santiago and Santa María or the Diocesan Museum. It is also a perfect destination to visit with children as it has a toy museum or the subsede of Territorio Dinópolis.

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