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The IVA reduction on electricity and the check of 200 euros for low incomes of the anti-crisis plan come into effect

BayRadio | July 1, 2022
Electricity Price Going Up

This Friday, July 1, the anti-crisis measures of the Government come into force. From this Friday you can already request the check of 200 euros for vulnerable families. And also enters into force the reduction of the IVA for electricity.

This measure will already be noticed on the invoice in August. At the moment, this July the price of electricity starts with a new increase, of 15%. Today we will pay more than 222 euros per megawatt/hour. June has also closed with an increase in the bill. With an average receipt that does not fall from 133 euros, that is 65% more than a year ago.

On 25 June, the Council of Ministers approved the plan of anti-crisis measures to alleviate the impact of the economic crisis resulting from the effects of the war, especially for the most vulnerable groups. Among the measures that were approved in that Extraordinary Council of Ministers were the reduction of 5% of the reduction of the electricity, the limitation of the rent increase, fuel bonus or a cheque of 200 euros for low incomes.

Other measures also contemplated in the anti-crisis plan such as the reduction of 50% of the price of all monthly transport subscriptions provided by the State and 30% for transport subscriptions provided by the Autonomous Communities and Municipalities, will begin to apply in the month of September.

Prices are constantly rising and inflation is soaring at 10.2%. A few climbs that also coincide with the beginning of the summer holidays of many families. For the first time, the saving rate in Spain is negative, that is, more is spent than earned.

The fuel is already a regular rise. The liter of diesel is 2,100 euros, while the petrol makes it 2,128. To this we must add the rise of the shopping basket or rent. The unemployment rate throughout the eurozone has fallen, Spain is in the lead: it is the country with the most unemployed. Greece and Italy behind. We also lead the ranking of youth unemployment.

On the other hand, the Euribor has suffered the biggest rise in its history and is already close to 1%. This would make an average mortgage of €150,000 at 20 years expensive at around €1000 per year. Pedro Sánchez has argued that without these measures inflation would be shot at 15%.

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