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Updated: Boris Johnson resigns after a wave of resignations from several members of his government

BayRadio | July 7, 2022

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, refused to resign after the wave of resignations by members of his government team. Continuing pressure on Boris Johnson to step down as UK president has had its effect: Boris Johnson has resigned, according to the BBC.

According to the British network, Johnson has told his ministers at a meeting last Wednesday that, if he resigned, the next months would be focused on elections within the Conservative Party to replace him, instead of in the work of government, and his successor would be pressured to call a general election that Labour could win.

The ‘Tory’ leader maintained until now a “defiant” attitude, according to the aforementioned media, despite the fact that a good number of his ministers have asked him to resign, in the face of the crisis in his formation and in the Government.

A spokesman for Downing Street has confirmed that “the Prime Minister will give a speech to the country today”, without detailing the possible content of the same. In turn, sources quoted by ‘The Guardian’ point out that Johnson has already passed his decision on to Graham Brady, the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons.

More than 50 posts have left the conservative government

The secretaries of state who have resigned this Thursday are those of the Treasury, Helen Whately; Security, Damian Hinds; Science, George Freeman; Pensions, Guy Opperman; Technology, Chris Philp; Courts, James Cartlidge; and Education, Michelle Donelan. In total, more than 50 positions have left the Executive since last Tuesday.

New Finance Minister Also Calls for Johnson’s Resignation

Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi, appointed to the post on Tuesday following the resignation of Rishi Sunak, has also called for Johnson’s resignation. “Prime Minister, you know in your heart what is right, and it is to leave now,” he explained in a letter posted on his Twitter account.

“My main priority has been and always will be this great country. When I was asked to be chancellor, I did so out of loyalty. Not a man, but loyalty to everything this country has given me,” he added.

Opposition leader believes Johnson’s resignation is late

Labour leader Keir Starmer considers it “good news” for the country that Boris Johnson will resign, although this “should have happened a long time ago”.

Starmer says the British government needs a change of scenery

In a statement on his Twitter account, Starmer has explained that the UK “does not need to change the ‘Tory’ in power”, but needs a “complete change of government”.

“We need a fresh start for Britain,” he concluded.

Johnson would serve three years in power in two weeks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have agreed to resign in a conversation with Graham Brady, the leader of the group of conservative MPs without portfolios, according to the BBC.

Just 16 days after reaching three years as prime minister, Johnson’s would be one of the shortest stays on Downing Street since 1900.

Polls show that Johnson is no longer popular with the public

Johnson came to power with the promise of Britain’s exit from the European Union. However, multiple crises in his government have caused the prime minister to no longer be popular with the general public, as opinion polls show.

Johnson appointed a legislator although he was aware of his multiple allegations of sexual conduct

The latest crisis erupted after lawmaker Chris Pincher, who held a government position related to pastoral care, was forced to resign on charges of groping men in a private club.

Johnson had to apologize after it came to light that he knew of Pincher’s involvement in previous sexual misconduct allegations before he named him. The Prime Minister said he’d forgotten.

Boris Johnson was fined for celebrating parties by breaking the rules of the Covid-19

Johnson’s apology for Pincher’s accusations came after months of scandals and mistakes, including a report of parties at his Downing Street residence and office. During these parties, the Prime Minister did not comply with strict closure rules by Covid-19 and was led to be fined by police in celebration of his 56th birthday.

Boris Johnson appoints new ministers before resigning

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed new ministers to fill the vacancies before announcing his expected resignation, as confirmed by Downing Street, his official residence and office. These include Greg Clark as the new Minister of Territorial Cohesion following the dismissal of Michael Gove, James Cleverly as Minister of Education and Kit Malthouse as head of the Cabinet Ministry.

Labour Party leader lashes out at Johnson

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson should not be allowed to “cling” to the government and has threatened to table a motion of no confidence to remove him from power. Stamer asks not to be allowed to remain in government while the new conservative leader is elected.

“His own party has finally come to the conclusion that he is not fit to be prime minister, now they cannot impose it on the country for the coming months,” he said. ” If they do not get rid of him, then Labour will step forward, in the national interest, and table a motion of censure (in the House of Commons) because we cannot continue with this prime minister who will cling on for months,” he concluded.

Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has announced in a live appearance that a process is underway to elect a new conservative leader and therefore a new UK prime minister.

“The Conservative Party will find another leader who is up to the task,” he said.

The new leader is expected to be elected before the annual Conservative Party congress

An internal process begins in the Conservative Party to elect the new leader, who will become prime minister once he is received by Queen Elizabeth II. The “Tories” are expected to have a new leader before the annual training congress, which will be held from 2 to 5 October in the city of Birmingham.

Johnson remains interim minister until successor is chosen

Johnson intends to continue leading an interim government to avoid a power vacuum, although many voices within and outside his party are calling for him to leave now.

This the new leader of the Conservative Party will be elected

In the first ballot, candidates with 5% of the votes (18 MPs) will be able to move on to the second round. In the second ballot, candidates must receive the support of 10% of the deputies (36 parliamentarians) to move to the next round.

In the following votes, candidates with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated until only two candidates remain. The finalists will be submitted to the vote of all the members of the party of the country, as well as of the “tories” deputies.

Boris Johnson won the 2019 general election with an absolute majority

During his speech, Boris Johnson thanked all British voters who gave him their support in the 2019 general election and regretted not being able to fulfill his electoral promises. The prime minister, who won with an absolute majority, has agreed to resign after more than 50 members of his team resigned in protest of his management and the scandals that have plagued him in recent months.

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