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The second heat wave of summer arrives: where will it affect and how long will the high temperatures last?

BayRadio | July 7, 2022
Heat Wave

High temperatures will rise this weekend in several points of the Peninsula. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) alerts of the arrival of a new heat wave, the second this summer.

The heat and the coastal phenomena mark the forecast of the weather for this day, which put on alert six provinces. The heat will activate warnings in Cordoba, Jaen, Seville and Badajoz while coastal phenomena will activate in A Coruña and Girona.

The heat wave is scheduled for the weekend and will affect the whole country, including the Canary Islands -it will be the first heat wave for the archipelago-. High temperatures could reach 40 degrees at some points and the heat wave will last until the middle of next week or “maybe more”, according to the spokesman of the Aemet, Ruben del Campo.

Temperatures will range on average between 35ºC and may exceed 40ºC in some areas. For example, 35 degrees maximum are expected in large areas of the Peninsula from Saturday, and more than 40 degrees in the valleys of the Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir, which could reach 42 degrees.

The 40ºC will also be exceeded in the Ebro Valley, Douro area, western Castile and León and southern Galicia.

For the Canary archipelago it will be the first heat wave this summer. There it is expected that temperatures will increase from Friday.

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