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A man dies in South Africa after drinking a whole bottle of Jägermeister in just over two minutes

BayRadio | July 15, 2022
Man Dies In South Africa After Drinking A Whole Bottle Of Jägermeister

On several occasions, viral challenges put the lives of Internet users at risk. One example is what happened in South Africa, where a man died after drinking a whole bottle of Jägermeister in just over two minutes. The incident has shocked the population and the authorities in Waterval, in the north of the country, have already opened an investigation to find out the circumstances of the death of the young man.

The man between 25 and 30 was trying to win a viral challenge in exchange for 200 South African rands, about 12 euros. As can be seen in a video broadcast by the news agency ‘The Legal SA’, while the deceased young man was drinking alcohol, a group of people applaud him. At the end of the bottle, he begins to stagger and has to be helped by one of those present. After that, he loses consciousness and ends up falling to the ground. He was immediately rushed to hospital, where he was eventually declared dead.

Police spokesman Motlafela Mojapelo has explained that the incident took place in a liquor store in the village of Mashamba in Elim, according to ‘The Independent’. ” Police have opened an investigation case following an incident of an apparent alcohol abuse that took place at one of the local liquor stores in Mashumba Village, where customers allegedly participated in a drinking challenge. One of them collapsed immediately afterwards and was taken to the local clinic where his death was certified,” the spokesman said.

In recent times some extremely dangerous challenges have become popular on the Internet. ‘The hunt for the posh’ is one of them. It began to be practiced in 2021 and consists of accumulating as many assaults as possible on young people considered ‘posh’.

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