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World Emoji Day 2022: The true meaning of Whatsapp emojis

BayRadio | July 18, 2022

Today is World Emoji Day, a tool that was created to improve communication between people, they are direct and fun images but can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Since they were created in Japan in the 1990s, the emoji family has grown to over 3,500. We use them in our daily communication and for many they are already a new universal language, although their meaning can vary according to the cultural context, so it is important to know to whom we send it.

As much as we like love and fill our messages with hearts, we must have an eye to who and where we send it because in some they could misinterpret our intentions and could denounce us for harassment.

For example, if in China we want to congratulate someone for something it is better to avoid applauding 3 times (or using emoji with 2 applause) since we are inviting them to maintain something more than a friendship.

The symbol of rock in Greece means since ancient times to be a cuckold. We take fruits and vegetables out of context and we don’t even need to explain them.

Sometimes we use emojis even in the workplace. It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words and the truth is that these drawings have come to stay and make communication simpler and closer. By the way, the most used emojis worldwide are those with heart, smiley face and tears.

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