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Health updated the death toll from the heat wave in Spain, which rises to 510 victims in seven days

BayRadio | July 19, 2022
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The Ministry of Health is now looking at two main causes of death in our country: COVID-19 and the heat wave that violently affects our country. In the second case, the figure was updated on Monday, accounting for a total of 510 deaths in seven days. 86.7% of the deceased were elderly, and they were 75 or older, so the number of young people who died is very small. Almost a quarter of the dead, up to 121, are in the Region of Madrid.

The heat wave will fall in temperatures slightly during Tuesday, although it is estimated that on Wednesday it will rise again, but the minimum will reach lower levels and you can have some respite as far as temperatures are concerned. The death of two workers by heat shocks in the Community of Madrid has been confirmed, being the last one a worker of an industrial warehouse in Móstoles, whose body temperature was almost 43 º C.

From the institutions, citizens are urged to be cautious with heat. Tips to avoid having a heat stroke are: be well hydrated, put the air conditioning on, do not go from one place with a lot of heat to another that is very cold, lie down in case you feel dizzy, do not make a great physical effort, especially if you are in the sun, etc.

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