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Tension inside the Madrid-Ferrol train, paralyzed for a few minutes by the flames in Zamora

BayRadio | July 19, 2022
Madrid Ferrol

The forest fires that hit the Peninsula by the heat wave continue to scorch hectares across the country. According to the territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in Zamora, Clara San Damián, warned on Monday that the situation in the area is “very serious” and that the day “will be very complicated, with a very adverse climate, strong winds and high temperatures”.

The flames in Losacio (Zamora) leave a moment of panic inside the train from Madrid to Ferrol. Around 9:30 hours yesterday the train was paralyzed at Zamora-Puebla de Sanabria for a few minutes. Twitter user @PacaoSeoanePerez shows how passengers have experienced the moment of tension, with flames and smokescreens on the outside.

Due to the virulence of the flames, Renfe has reported on their Twitter account that the railway line connecting Madrid-Galicia between Zamora and Otero de Bodas was cut. The railway company detailed that the four trains affected by the cut were: with origin Galicia, Ferrol-Madrid and Vigo Madrid; and with origin Madrid, Madrid-Orense and Madrid-Vigo.

Renfe cancelled the circulation of all trains between Madrid and Galicia for fear that the fire would reach the tracks. Most of the trains had sold all their tickets. From 21:45 last night there were no routes for the Ferrol line. In the Chamartín station, the last Ave to leave was the 20:35 p.m for Ourense and has caused hundreds of travelers to stay in the Madrid station.

Many looked for alternatives to go to their destination. Alternatives such as organizing in groups, people who had just met or made friends to gather forces and money and hire buses to take them to Galicia.

Renfe will provide an altering route to passengers affected by the cuts to continue their road trip. For all passengers bound for Galicia, you are offered to continue by bus from Zamora to Puebla de Sanabria and then take a train. For those who have as destination Madrid, they must continue in Puebla de Sanabria to continue by road to Zamora and there take the train to continue with the journey.

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