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The nightmare of the fire arrives in Zaragoza: the wind feeds the flames and several localities have to be evacuated

BayRadio | July 20, 2022

The plague of fires continues to spread, and forecasts do not rule out the appearance of new foci. The A2 motorway, Madrid-Zaragoza, one of the country’s central roads, was blocked due to the flames, and rail traffic with Aragon and Catalonia has also been paralysed for many hours this morning.

Emergency services have had to evacuate several municipalities. At 22:00 yesterday Alhama de Aragón and Bubierca was evicted. Soon after, the Integrated Operational Coordination Center of the Government of Aragon also ordered the departure of the residents of Castejón de las Armas, Moros and Villalengua.

The one in Ateca, where almost 2,000 people live, can be evicted at any time. There, the combustion advances uncontrollably and the strong gusts of wind are complicating the work of the firefighters. Meanwhile, in Calatayud, ash falls from the sky.

The virulence of the fire is being noticed: “Photos of the fire that is at the doors of my house have arrived,” says a neighbor. This devastating fire has already destroyed 5,600 hectares and nearly 2,000 troops are working tirelessly and doing everything humanly possible to quell the flames.

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