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A man from the region of El Bierzo, infected with hemorrhagic fever after being bitten by a tick

BayRadio | July 21, 2022
Tick Bite

A man living in the region of El Bierzo remains stable within gravity after being bitten by a tick and diagnosed with hemorrhagic fever, a rare disease, but usually transmitted through the bites of these insects. The Junta de Castilla y León already follows the close contacts of the infected man and has indicated the breaks to be followed while it is confirmed that they are not infected with the disease, since it can be transmitted between humans.

There are indicators that can be symptoms of the disease, such as a very high body temperature, dizziness, vomiting or feeling of extreme fatigue. To keep in mind, it is important to know that most tick bites occur in the field, so when going, it is important to go dressed in comfortable clothes, and above all, avoid places that have a lot of vegetation, where ticks tend to hide.

Although in principle it seems an isolated situation, it must be taken into account that, in the case of contact with a positive for hemorrhagic fever, it is necessary to talk to the health authorities to confirm the protocol that we must follow, given that there may be different circumstances, and it is important to take them into account.

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