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Justice paralyses the euthanasia of the gunman of Tarragona until the resolution of the appeals of the victims

BayRadio | July 21, 2022

Justice has paralysed for the moment the euthanasia of Marin Eugen Sabau, the gunman who shot his bosses and colleagues in a security company in Tarragona. According to Cadena Ser, the date of the assisted death of the author had been set on 28 July, but the magistrate of the examining magistrate number 5 of Tarragona has decided to stay the proceedings until the appeals filed by the victims are resolved.

The gunman from Tarragona, Marin Eugen Sabau, tried to shoot several of his co-workers. At that time, the security guard shot them and then barricaded himself in an abandoned farmhouse in Maspujols. From there, he also tried to shoot the Mossos d’Esquadra, who two hours later managed to neutralize him by shooting him in arms and legs. These shots caused irreversible damage. The man cannot walk due to a serious spinal cord injury.

From the pre-trial detention at the Terrassa Prison Hospital (Barcelona), the author of the shots requested euthanasia, which was granted and was scheduled for 28 July. However, the victims, who requested a halt to this process, have managed to get justice to hear them. They have decided that the process will be halted until the appeals of the victims are resolved. These call for the gunman to be tried before he dies.

The man, of Romanian nationality, is charged with five crimes of attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons and assault on law enforcement officers. After the shooting it was known that he had been fired shortly before and that he even sent several emails threatening his colleagues.

Pending the resolution of the appeals filed by the victims and the subsequent euthanasia granted, but at the moment paralysed, the latter is admitted to the Terrassa Prison Hospital.

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