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Could another heat wave in August be as strong as the one we are experiencing?

BayRadio | July 25, 2022
Heat Wave

It has been two weeks since the second summer heat wave began, taking more than 1,000 lives and causing fires in much of Spain. The predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicate that extreme temperatures will fall in the coming days.

But could another heat wave come back in August as strong as the one we are experiencing?

Today, forecasts suggest that August will start with heat, but it does not seem that the temperatures will be as extraordinary as the heat wave that closes in 24 hours. In fact, 5 of the 10 warmest days since 1941 have occurred during the first part of this second heat wave.

WHO gives a number of tips for staying safe during heat waves, such as being exposed to heat as little as possible. They recommend avoiding physical activity in the middle of the day and making sure that children and animals are not locked in parked vehicles.

They say that keeping the body fresh and hydrated, going to the doctor in case of a chronic illness or immediately looking for a cooler place in case you feel dizzy or chills are other recommendations. Caring for older people living alone is essential.

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