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Arrested for locking up her 94-year-old grandmother, who nearly killed herself, without food or drink

BayRadio | July 26, 2022

A woman has been arrested for locking her 94-year-old grandmother in a flat in Granada. In addition, she left her without food or hygiene for long periods of time. Faced with this situation, the victim tried to commit suicide, but the National Police has rescued her.

The agents have received an alert from the neighbors that the woman intended to jump off a balcony. They quickly mobilized and accessed where the 94-year-old stood via the balcony next door, preventing the woman from taking her life.

Once they entered, they realized that the old woman was very nervous and disoriented and that, despite living with her granddaughter, of 49 years, she remained in the flat completely imprisoned, without keys or means to communicate with anyone.

In fact, the only way she could feed herself was through the neighbors, who organized themselves to bring food and drink to the balcony. The victim said that she believed she had been alone on the floor for more than a week, falling to the ground on multiple occasions and without any help getting up.

The police found dried blood in different areas of the house. There was no food anywhere and they noticed that the house did not meet minimum hygiene and cleanliness.

Later, the Fire Service accessed the floor, also through the balcony, and took care of unlocking the front door. Moments before the old woman was taken to the Traumatology Hospital to perform an analysis of her condition and heal her wounds, the detainee appeared.

Her granddaughter, a Spanish national, entered the flat saying bad words against her grandmother. She was arrested on the spot and is currently in court. She is charged with a crime of domestic abuse.

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