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No safe drinking rainwater anywhere in the world

BayRadio | August 4, 2022
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Rainwater is no longer drinkable anywhere in the world. This has been explained this week by a scientific and technological journal of the University of Stockholm, which has detailed that “even in Antarctica and the Tibetan plateau, rainwater is not safe to drink”.

This, in the words of the researchers, is because PFAS (chemicals and dangerous substances created by humans) have spread through the atmosphere of the entire planet and cause that rainwater, or even snow, is certainly contaminated or toxic.

Those PFAS, which is actually a name adopted to refer to ” alkyl per- and polyfluorinated substances or highly fluorinated substances” are extremely persistent and harmful to the ecosystem. As detailed in this publication, they are also harmful to human health: they can affect causing cancer, infertility or complications in pregnancy, problems in the immune system or learning and behavioral problems in children.

“It cannot be that a few benefit economically while polluting the drinking water of millions of people and causing serious health problems. The large amounts that it will cost to reduce PFAS in drinking water must be paid for by the industry that produces and uses these toxic chemicals. The time to act is now,” said Jane Muncke, CEO of the Zurich Food Packaging Forum Foundation.

This study has determined that even rainwater from sparsely populated or industrialized areas, such as Antarctica and the Tibetan plateau, is no longer fit for human consumption. ” It’s not safe to drink,” they say.

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