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Heat stroke symptoms that can go unnoticed

BayRadio | August 5, 2022
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The high temperatures this summer throughout Spain and much of the world keep everyone on their toes, especially those at risk groups that are most vulnerable to extreme heat. Therefore, there are several ways to stay hydrated and avoid a heat stroke, however, sometimes we may overlook some symptoms that can cause us serious health problems.

For example, at this time of year, as in any other, you can have the typical headaches, fatigue or dizziness that many people can relate to other illnesses. It is possible, but it is also very likely that it has to do directly with a heat stroke, especially if you are on the street at high temperatures and not being properly hydrated.

In most cases a heat stroke usually occurs when the body is at a temperature of 40º or more degrees. It occurs most often in risk groups such as children under five, people over 65, pregnant or chronically ill.

Most people who go to the doctor suffer the consequences of heat but it does not always have to be a heat stroke as such, as this occurs when the body reaches extreme temperatures.

People in most cases, suffer dizziness, faint episodes without reaching loss of consciousness, low blood pressure or dehydration. Symptoms that if not located and treated properly can cause heat stroke and in many cases death.

What to do in case of heat stroke?

  • Take the affected person to a cool place or with as much shade as possible.
  • Place them in a semi-seated position with the head raised so that it favors breathing and allows air to enter.
  • To reduce body temperature, some clothes must be removed and the person refreshed with a damp flannel on the neck or forehead to restore stability.
  • In addition, you should bring fresh water to rehydrate the affected person and make him drink in small sips because, conversely, this could worsen the situation of the person.

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