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Ukrainian vessel loaded with grain leaves for the United Kingdom

BayRadio | August 5, 2022
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Since the beginning of the war in February, exports at the international level have been very complicated. It is estimated that a total of 20 million tons of grain were blocked in Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the conflict without being able to be exported, due to the great risks related to Russian attacks and the floating mines placed by the city of Kiev.

But following the current agreement and the joint communiqué between the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) and the United Nations, a ship left this morning from the port of Odessa bound for the Lebanese port of Tripoli. This transports about 26,500 tons, and at least two other ships are expected to depart in the next few hours.

A total quantity of 58,041 tonnes of maize will be transported. For this, two ships will leave from Chornomorsk and the third from Odessa, passing an inspection when arriving in Turkish waters since Turkey is the mediating country in the agreement on the maritime corridor.

The largest of the shipments will travel on the Navistar, with 33,000 tons and bound for the port of Ringaskiddy, in Ireland. The freighter Rojen will transport 13,041 tons to the United Kingdom, specifically to Teesporte, and the vessel Polarnet, will take 12,000 tons of grain to the port of Karasu in Turkey.

The JCC has also given the green light to the departure of the ship Fulmar from the port of Chornomorsk. This shipment has been made once it has returned from waters near Istanbul and has been checked that it does not return loaded with weapons.

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