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Taiwan warns that China uses its military maneuvers to prepare for invasion

BayRadio | August 9, 2022
Taiwan And China

Taiwan’s government begins preparing for a possible Chinese attack after tensions between Asian territories escalate. Relations between Beijing and Taipei hang in the balance after Nancy Pelosi’s arrival on the island and the Asian giant’s unprecedented military maneuvers. In the new chapter of this cold war in Asia comes military exercises of defense with real fire by Taiwan. Chancellor Joseph Wu warns that China used military maneuvers to prepare for the invasion.

Therefore, the Taiwanese forces used live fire in defensive maneuvers. These are annual tests of heavy artillery announced so for the Asian giant is its province. These maneuvers are taking place in the Fenggang training camp to the south, according to the CNA news agency.

China “is conducting large-scale military exercises and missile launches, as well as cyber attacks, disinformation and economic coercion, in an attempt to weaken public morale in Taiwan,” explains Wu, who adds that Beijing is “clearly trying to dissuade other countries from interfering in their attempt to invade Taiwan”.

Also, the spokesman of the Eighth Taiwan Army Corps, Lou Woei-jye, has confirmed that the exercises began in southern Pingtung County with the firing of flares and artillery. This drill will also take place next Thursday, which includes the deployment of hundreds of troops and about 40 howitzers, according to Taiwanese forces.

Taiwan lives under threat of invasion from China. The country ruled by Xi Jinping considers it a province of the country, while the regional government of Tsai Ing-wen recognizes Taiwan as an independent state.

The island had not received any American politicians since 1997, when Republican Newt Gingrich visited the territory. Xi Jinping’s regime continues to insist on Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan and maintains the ‘one China’ policy. Although the White House maintains that it does not defend Taiwan’s independence, Pelosi’s visit to China is a sign of support for the secession of the island.

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