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A group of young people suffer heat stroke and fainting after being locked in a bus at 40 degrees

BayRadio | August 11, 2022
Bus Over 40 Degrees

With the high temperatures that extend throughout our country, it is impossible to just go out on the street and not put the air conditioning on when inside. Faced with this, we must avoid exposing ourselves to the maximum possible heat, something that these young people could not avoid.

This group of boys and girls were returning from the celebration of the Arenal Sound festival in Borriana, Castellón. When they got on the bus back to Alicante (with an average of two hours drive), everything seemed calm. However they ended up enduring a trip without ventilation, without air conditioning and without the possibility of stopping to breathe fresh air.

There was failure in the air conditioning system, and because of this situation, all passengers began to get dizzy, sweat excessively and even cry of stress and anxiety.

As can be seen in the video of the Tik Tok app, a young woman recounts the experience along with images of the bus in those distressing moments. The group of young people tolerated temperatures that would reach 40 degrees, something that seems impossible to conceive in a means of transport.

Desperate, when on occasion they saw the police beating on the windows asking for help, something the authorities did not hear. The driver, who never let the group down for a drink, ended up giving in half an hour, and when they were able to get off the bus, most boys and girls would collapse from dizziness and heat strokes. Meanwhile, others could not stop vomiting or were paralyzed due to anxiety.

They had to go to the scene of the events and provide medical services and assistance to the group of young people who were so affected. And yet, despite the attentions of the health services, many were left with several detrimental effects due to the extremely high temperatures.

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