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Wyoming Justice Blocks State Abortion Ban

BayRadio | August 11, 2022

Another new state in the United States is moving ahead with the entry of enforcement of the almost total ban on abortion. In the footsteps of Kansas, where the right to abortion was ratified, Wyoming arrives. Judge Melissa Owens of the Tenton County District Court has blocked the abortion ban pushed by the state’s Republican government. This is a new setback for the Conservatives.

Justice provisionally agrees with an abortion clinic that denounced the law. It considers that the ban goes too far by including only exceptions in cases of incest, rape and medical emergencies. Owens exclaimed that the law could cause irreparable harm should it be enforced.

In a note, the magistrate noted that “the legislature cannot pass a sex-based discriminatory law that restricts the constitutionally protected right to make one’s own health care decisions”.

“Today’s ruling is a major victory for access to abortion in Wyoming and in support of the constitutionally protected right of Wyomings to make decisions about their own health care, which includes abortion care,” Julie Burkhart told Reuters, founder of the nonprofit Wellspring Health Access, which plans to open an abortion clinic in Casper, Wyoming.

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Idaho on August 2 for its abortion law to protect patients’ rights to access emergency medical care guaranteed by federal law. The United States is challenging the law that will come into effect on August 25 that imposes an almost total ban on abortion.

It was the first action of the United States Justice against one of its states after last June the Supreme Court annulled the “Roe contra Wade” sentence that annulled the federal protection of the right to abortion.

Written by BayRadio

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