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Traces of cocaine and cannabis detected in a 19-month-old baby in Las Palmas

BayRadio | August 12, 2022

The National Police have arrested parents in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria because their 19-month-old son tested positive for drugs, specifically cannabis and cocaine.

The parents went to the city hospital to see that the baby was walking “unstable” and was “sleepy”. The health professionals, after several tests, confirmed that the minor had used narcotic substances that had caused such instability while walking, among other things. In particular, the toxicological tests detected cannabis and cocaine in his blood, which forced the health center to notify the group of Attention to the Family and Women of the Police after receiving the results.

The officers quickly went to the hospital and arrested both parents, aged 25 and 27, as alleged perpetrators of a family abandonment offence. One of the parents had a police record, highlights the Superior Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands.

In their statement, both mother and father assumed to use cannabis regularly and, more sporadically, cocaine; something that could have caused the baby to ingest these substances accidentally because “there is some left on the furniture” of the home where they reside with one of the grandmothers, also questioned.

The detainees have been brought before the courts and now the eyes are on the custody of the minor. Everything points to him being placed under the guardianship of the grandmother until the investigating judge decides the case.

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