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Monkeypox infections shoot up 20% in the last week: US and Europe, the most affected

BayRadio | August 18, 2022

Monkeypox is a concern in the United States and Europe, the areas most affected by the disease. In the last week, infections have skyrocketed by 20% in the world. There are already cases in 92 countries. According to WHO, the majority of new cases occur in Europe and the Americas.

This 20 per cent increase brings the total number of new cases to 7,500. These figures link the same upward trend as the previous week, as reported by the World Health Organization. The cumulative cases already exceed 35,000 and the disease, which until a few months ago was seen only in endemic regions of Africa, is now present in 92 countries. This increase has resulted in a total of 12 deaths since the current outbreak was declared.

The Ministry of Health has reported three new infections by monkeypox in Spain, which brings the total number of cases to 5,792 since the first positive ones were registered in May. Our country already ranks second in the ranking of the most positive countries in the world, only surpassed by the United States, which has more than 15,000.

In some US states, there are long queues at vaccination centers. According to the WHO, the majority of new cases occur in Europe and the Americas. The gradual rise in cases over the past few weeks remains a concern.

Ecuador already registers an indigenous transmission of monkeypox, as confirmed by the Minister of Health, José Ruales, by reporting the detection of local transmission cases and not only imported. The country has assured that “they maintain control” over the disease and that epidemiologically “there is already an autochthonous transmission”.

“Before, the transmission that we had detected was imported, now we have three cases of autochthonous transmission, which occurs from person to person in the country,” Ruales said. The minister also specified that the transmission speed “remains low” compared to neighboring countries.

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