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Some chicken roasters fear shortages if breeders close

BayRadio | August 19, 2022

The situation in the chicken sector is worrying and many breeders are considering closing. The high cost of raising a chicken is one of the causes. Spending has gone from the 30 cents it cost in 2021 to the 57 cents it costs now. It goes up because of the high price of electricity and gas.

“I no longer have the money to move on,” admits Rosa, a chicken farmer. Breeders ask for 10 cents more per chicken so they don’t work at a loss.

Businesses such as rotisseries fear a shortage of these animals due to the closure of hatcheries. ” We have noticed an increase in the price because at the same time the farms have had to raise the price of chicken because the feed has gone up a lot, the gas, the electricity,” says Maria, owner of a chicken roaster. It claims that it has increased by 30% per kilo and “it cannot be produced at a loss”.

“My colleagues tell me that there are some farms that are going to close because they have no chance of continuing this way. They raise all the prices of electricity, gas, feed, it is impossible to continue like this”, adds the owner of a rotisserie.

Inflation and high production costs continue to worry the chicken sector.

Written by BayRadio

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