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A stolen car ends up stuck in the Elliptical Square subway interchange station stairs

BayRadio | August 23, 2022
Madrid Car

There are times when reality surpasses fiction. Proof of this is what has happened in the metro and bus interchange of Plaza Elíptica in Madrid where a car has ended up stuck. Inclined in the middle of the stairs and fully wedged in, as the firemen have found the vehicle. It took them two hours to get it out of the station.

The driver broke down the station doors and entered through the bus access. Then he tried to climb the stairs, but he got stuck. A crew of firefighters from Madrid had to lower special ropes that hooked on the front of the vehicle. And after more than two hours they got it out.

It is still unknown why the driver ended up there, what is known is that it is a stolen vehicle. The Police have already launched an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the event.

At the time of the incident the station was with few passengers so no one was hurt. Neither has the driver, who has been transferred unharmed to the 12 de Octubre hospital.

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