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A British woman on dialysis, distraught at the price of electricity: “Without a machine five times a week, I will die”

BayRadio | August 26, 2022
Dialysis Patients Struggling To Afford At Home Care With Soaring Energy Prices

The price of electricity forces to look for alternatives for those who can not pay its high price, although not all are lucky. Some people like Dawn White, a 59-year-old British woman, need to connect to a machine so they don’t lose their lives. This woman has dialysis. Your kidneys “don’t work” and you need to stay connected to a machine for at least “five days a week, 20 hours”.

White says that if the price of electricity continues to rise “she can not afford the expenses” and will be forced to go almost daily to the hospital to receive dialysis treatment, even if her health is serious. This situation could put your life in danger as the dialysis machine is totally necessary for your life. White regrets that the price of electricity forces her to return to the hospital to be able to pay the electricity bills: “we do not have much money”.

For the moment, this British citizen resists prices, albeit with great difficulty. Given the possibility that the price will continue to rise, Dawn White will be forced to move to the hospital to meet the bills and, also, for the most important thing: stay alive.

In the UK, the price of energy continues to rise. The maximum price of energy that companies in the sector will be able to charge households in the United Kingdom, from next October 1, 2022, has been set at 3,549 pounds, which translates into 4,202 euros per year. These data indicate an increase of 80% over the current limit, as announced this Friday the British energy regulator, Ofgem.

This sharp increase is expected to drive up UK year-on-year inflation, currently at 10.1%, but could reach 13% or more by the end of the year.

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