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China closes the world’s largest electronics market due to an outbreak of COVID-19

BayRadio | August 30, 2022
Covid China

In China, COVID-19 is news again. The world’s largest electronics market has just been closed down by an outbreak in the city where it was held. It’s the Shenzhen market. The country has registered more than 350 new positives. The confinement comes amid attempts to change the policy of ‘Covid Zero’, which was causing a widespread disruption in the shops of the Asian giant.

Merchants from the Huaqianbei district, the headquarters of the electronic products market, must keep their businesses closed until September 2 to combat the spread of the virus. Local authorities have urged workers to telework as they can and perform a diagnostic test every day, according to the South China Morning Post.

Metro services at 24 stations in the Futian and Luohu districts have also had to be stopped by the COVID-19 outbreak. In Futian, where Shenzhen’s government headquarters is located, officials have announced the closure of cinemas, karaoke bars and parks will remain closed until September 2. Public events are also cancelled until the same date.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, China has positioned itself as the most stringent country in terms of detecting positive cases to combat the virus. Under its ‘Covid Zero’ policy, endorsed by President Xi Jinping, residents must take a PCR test every few days at the designated points. From the test depends the entrance to bars supermarkets or parks, also to go to jobs.

For a few positive cases, Chinese authorities may order officials to restrict movement throughout a city or in different districts. Travelers to the country face mandatory quarantine. With the passing of months, the unrest in the Asian giant continues to increase, and, apparently, the authorities are looking for a transition in their detection policy in the face of the advance of omicron.

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