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The fake news that’s going around WhatsApp regarding the fourth dose to hack your mobile phone

BayRadio | September 1, 2022

There are more and more fake messages that we can find on social networks and that go from device to device with great ease. There is a hoax that has traveled through WhatsApp these days and that continues to spread.

This is a message warning that they are calling from the Ministry of Health for the fourth dose of booster vaccine against COVID-19, but with the purpose of hacking our mobile devices. The National Police has verified this hoax through its official Twitter account, where it warns everyone with the following message: “Do not spread messages without checking”.

The message begins with a forceful: “Take notes”. And then goes on to say, “They are supposedly calling from the Ministry of Health for the fourth booster dose. They will tell you all the information: mail, address, telephone…”. And then warns that “they ask you to give them a code that they send you by SMS (to hack the mobile). If you do not give it to them they will hang up. And then they hack your phone”. Finally it says the following: “Let your family, friends, etc know. They just put it on the health platform”.

For their part, from the official website of the Police, more specifically from the Group of Social Networks, remind “the importance of not believing or spreading messages that do not come directly from official sources and ask the rest not to give it any credibility”.

For the same reason, society has begun to distrust practically every single message and email that reaches their respective mobile phones. Although some are not a scam”.

Written by BayRadio

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