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One of the two perpetrators of multiple stabbing found dead in Canada

BayRadio | September 6, 2022
Damien Y Myles Sanderson

US police have found the body of one of the two perpetrators of the multiple stabbing that took place on Monday in northwestern Canada.

After the discovery of the body in a wooded area close to a house investigated in the James Smith Cree Nation Indian reservation, the authorities have announced that both attackers are brothers and that, all points, one would have killed the other after committing the multiple crime in which they stabbed 10 people.

At the moment, the other attacker, 30 years old, is in search and capture and the Police warns of his dangerousness. Myles Sanderson, who may be injured, “has a long criminal history with both crimes against people and property,” said police official Rhonda Blackmore. “Do not approach him”.

The assailant, who is still at large, faces three counts of murder.

Authorities, according to Regina’s police chief, suspect that the attacker may be in the city, although they do not rule out that he has escaped. Evan Bray, in a press conference, said that this Sunday the police received information about the possible presence of Sanderson in a vehicle in which two people were traveling.

This multiple stabbing took place on Monday, as reported by the relevant authorities, at thirteen different points in Saskatchewan, Canada.

As a result, 10 people have died and 15 others have been injured as a result of this stabbing, which the police are already investigating. Now, the eyes are focused on arresting one of the two suspects and ensuring the safety of citizens, explains the city’s police officer.

Since then, the motive that led the two men to carry out the attack is being investigated, although the police believe that some of the victims were targets and that others, however, were randomly attacked.

Fifteen injured people had to be transported in ambulances and medicalized helicopters due to their state of health and some of them continue to be admitted.

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