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New twist in the Esther López case: autopsy reveals the injuries are not compatible with a hit-and-run

BayRadio | September 8, 2022
Esther Lopez

New updates on the case of the death of Esther López de la Rosa in Traspinedo. The autopsy of the 35-year-old girl who died in the town of Valladolid indicates that some of the injuries she presents are not compatible with those of an accident.

A partial report by the Guardia Civil Traffic Association (ERAT) Accident Reconstruction team reveals this new information, collected by Europa Press. The Guardia Civil indicates that physicians of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valladolid discovered lesions on the back of the right hand that were “rounded and superficial”. They also found another small one of the same characteristics on the edge of the base of the fifth finger.

Investigators refer to the Volkswagen T-Roc car of the man who accompanied Esther Lopez the night of her disappearance. The police placed the individual as the main suspect in the death of the young woman after weeks disappeared in Traspinedo. One of the reasons for the suspicions is that DNA was found in the boot of the vehicle.

This twist in the investigation of the Esther López case clashes with the request of the family of the 35-year-old. In a statement, they urged the main suspect not to “be set free” as they considered that the Guardia Civil’s investigations yielded “solid evidence” of his guilt.

In the letter, they explained that the authorities showed that Esther was “abandoned to her fate after suffering an intentional abuse that left her unable to fend for herself and at the mercy of those who denied her the help that could have saved her life”.

“After investigating several people; interrogating many more; analyzing several cars and houses; confirming the locations of all those investigated at the time of her disappearance; and finding DNA that was put a lot of effort into hiding, There is no doubt that these agents of the Guardia Civil have managed to discover that there are enough indications that point to a single person as alleged responsible for what happened to our Esther,” they added.

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