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Putin threatens not to supply gas and petrol to Europe if prices are limited

BayRadio | September 8, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reappeared today at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok to directly threaten the West. He has attacked the European Union by cutting off the gas, coal and petrol for good. “It is foolish. Attempts to limit the price of gas in Europe will only lead to an increase in prices,” he said. And he adds: “If they go against our interests, we will not supply gas, petrol, coal, heating fuel…nothing”.

He has also accused the United States and Europe of carrying out an economic aggression against Russia. However, Putin does not think that the Russian Army is doing aggression in Ukraine, claiming that it is protected by international law on the basis of Kosovo’s precedent. Meanwhile, his propaganda organs have launched a vicious attack against European leaders.

“Their blatant sanctions try to deprive us of our sovereignty and force us into submission,” he says, directly attacking the West. In addition, he accuses the United States of maneuvering to raise the price of gas and the European Union of grabbing Ukrainian grain. He also blames them for global instability. ” What is happening in Europe is the result of the policies of European specialists and the European Commission”.

On the other hand, the Russian Army in Ukraine is stagnant and Russian resources are dwindling. According to U.S. intelligence, Russia will buy arms from North Korea. It will also sell fuel to China. At the same time, it will deliver fuel to the Burmese Government.

The Russian president assures that Russia “does not have problems” to export its hydrocarbons, since “demand in world markets are very high”. He gives as an example China, whose economy grows as well as energy needs. ” We are ready to meet the growing demand of all those who want to work with us”.

The Russian president denies using energy as a weapon against Europe. “Nord Stream is practically closed now and everyone says that Russia uses this as a weapon. It’s nonsense.”

Written by BayRadio

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