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Ukraine has destroyed more than 2,000 tanks and 250 Russian aircraft, according to Zelenski

BayRadio | September 12, 2022
Presidente Ucraniano Zelenski Discurso Televisado Dirigido Poblacion 98

Ukraine has destroyed more than 2,000 tanks, 4,500 armored combat vehicles, 250 Russian aircraft and 200 helicopters since the war began, Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski announced.

In his usual nocturnal speech, this time to mark the 200 days of war, the Ukrainian leader confirmed that his armed forces have also destroyed more than a thousand artillery systems, another thousand drones, 15 ships and boats and “thousands of other units of enemy equipment”.

“Today everyone sees and takes note” of the actions of the Ukrainian army “in the north, south and east of Ukraine”, assured Zelensky, for whom “the world is impressed” and “the enemy is panicking”. The defenders of Ukraine, “all those who have stood courageously for 200 days”, are the reason that Ukraine is “standing,” he said.

“Strong, and that’s why we’re free,” he added. ” Unbreakable, and that’s why we’re independent. Our fighters, who heroically restrained the enemy, and now do not hold back. And expel the occupiers from the north, south and east. In all directions, but moving in only one direction: forward and towards victory”.

In his speech to the Ukrainian military, the president has assured that “the road to victory is difficult”, but he is sure that they are capable of it. ” You will reach our border, all its stretches. You will see our borders and the backs of the enemies,” he said.

Russia’s death toll is rising rapidly as Ukraine continues its counter-offensive in Kherson.

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