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The end of an era in the UK, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and burial today

todaySeptember 19, 2022 2

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07:15 – Queen Elizabeth II will be buried today in London

A historic day begins with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England will be held today in London. The religious ceremony will begin at 11:00 (10:00 GMT).

07:20 – Queen Elizabeth II will be buried next to the Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen of England will be buried today, Monday 19 September 2022, with the Duke of Edinburgh, who died in 2021.

She will be buried -in a private ceremony- in the chapel of King George VI, in the castle of Windsor at 19:30 (18:30 GMT).

07:23 – The kings of Spain are already in London to say goodbye to the Queen

King Philip VI and Queen Letizia are already in London. They went this Sunday to visit the burning chapel of Queen Elizabeth II, like other leaders.

After visiting the burning chapel, they attended a reception at Buckingham Palace.

Also found in the capital of England are the Kings Emeritus, Sophia and Juan Carlos.

07:31 – More than 500 leaders meet in Westminster to say goodbye to the queen

More than 500 leaders from around the world are expected to come to Westminster Abbey in London to bid their last farewell to Queen Elizabeth II ten days after her death.

The monarch passed away on September 8 and the state funeral will be today Monday.

07:59 – Cinemas, shops and supermarkets will be closed for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Some supermarkets, cinemas and shops have decided to close today to make it easier for workers to follow the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ikea, computer stores Currys, retailers Argos and B&Q, Primark and Sports Direct, already announced that they would close their doors today.

Also the Odeon and Cineworld cinemas. Most pubs will be open to allow citizens to gather to watch the funeral.

08:15 – ‘Vue Cinemas’ will be showing the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in theatres

The Vue Cinemas have decided that they will not offer films today. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be screened in these cinemas.

08:36 – The burning chapel is already closed

Thousands of people have come to the burning chapel of Elizabeth II in recent days to bid farewell to the monarch after 70 years of reign.

Early this morning the burning chapel in Westminster Palace was closed after being open to the public for four days.

08:46 – Covers for history in UK

The United Kingdom commemorates today a historic day with the final tribute to Elizabeth II, where an era will close in the country that has lasted 70 years, since she began her reign in 1952.

The English media pay tribute to her, as is the case of ‘The Sun’, whose title is “God Bless”, ‘Daily Star’, whose title is “United Kingdom”, or the ‘Daily Mail’, which bears the title “Our Last Farewell” , with an emotional photo of the monarch waving in farewell.

08:58 – Controversy in a Celtic match over tribute to Elizabeth II

The Scottish Federation had proposed replacing the minute of silence with applause in homage to Queen Elizabeth II in a football match to avoid Celtic fans’ whistles.

However, they have tried to get away with singing “If you hate the Royal Family clap your hands”, which has caused much controversy.

09:07 – Westminster Abbey at its peak

The final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II will take place at the legendary Westminster Abbey, a historic Anglican church that has its official origins in the 13th century.

There, the funeral of Isabel Bowles-Lyon was held, the well-known ‘mother queen’, who died at the age of 101 in March 2002. 20 years later, her daughter will also be veiled there at her farewell.

09:22 – The only record left to beat Queen Elizabeth II

It seems difficult to find a record that has resisted Isabel II after 70 years of reign, but the truth is that there was one that the queen was unable to reach.

Her reign was the second longest in history, with 70 years and 214 days, only behind the reign of Louis XIV of France, king for 72 years and 110 days, between 1643 and 1715.

09:38 – Will the Commonwealth be united?

The death of Elizabeth II casts great doubt on whether Charles III will be able to hold together all the countries that currently belong to the Commonwealth.

Antigua and Barbuda has already expressed its wish to hold a referendum to ask its citizens whether they want to remain in the Commonwealth or become a republic, as Barbados did in 2021. Other countries like Australia and Canada, at least for now, rule out leaving the Commonwealth.

09:43 – Two young people become a couple after meeting in the queue to say goodbye to Isabel II

One of the most emotional anecdotes of the farewell to Queen Elizabeth II is that of Jack and Zoe, two young people who met in line to say goodbye to the monarch.

Now, both have become partners and this Monday will see together the last goodbye to the queen. Their story has gone viral throughout the country.

09:51 – Prince William, the most valued of the Royal Family after the death of Elizabeth II

A survey conducted by YouGov reveals that Prince William is the most valued member of the British Royal Family after the death of Elizabeth II, with 84% approval. Followed by Kate Middleton with 80%, Prince Charles with 70% and Queen consort Camilla with 55%.

The last ones, which are not approved, are Prince Harry, with 47%, and Meghan Markle, the worst rated with 30% support.

10:04 – Trinidad and Tobago also considers leaving the Commonwealth

The President of Trinidad and Tobago, Paula Mae-Weekes, has shown interest in the country leaving the Commonwealth and becoming a republic.

Mae-Weekes makes these statements as one of the guests at the funeral of Elizabeth II, assuring that “the sovereign must really be the people”.

10:19 – Guests arrive at Westminster Abbey

World leaders invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II are already beginning to arrive at Westminster Abbey for burial.

This historic meeting of heads of State and rulers has a display of security never seen in recent modern history.

10:28 – London Underground stations close

Hyde Park Corner, St. James’s Park and Westminster tube stations will remain closed in London, at least until the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is over.

This is one of the most important security measures, to avoid agglomerations on this historic day in the British capital.

10:35 – A parade begins on the way to the Abbey

Members of the British Royal Guard have begun a parade on the way to Westminster Abbey as the start of this historic day in London.

Trumpets and drums ring out from the parade participants, all members of the Royal Guard.

10:44 – Hundreds of citizens camping in Hyde Park

Hundreds of people are camping around Hyde Park, where they congregate in front of large screens to watch Elizabeth II’s funeral live.

The British, completely devoted to their historic queen, also want to say goodbye on this day which has been declared a holiday throughout the UK as a final tribute to the woman who ruled the Commonwealth for 70 years.

10:55 – What will be the final homage to Elizabeth II?

At 11:45 Spanish time, the coffin of Elizabeth II will be transferred to Westminster Abbey, where the funeral will begin at 12:00. 55 minutes later, at 12:55 hours, two minutes of silence will be kept throughout the UK.

From 13:15, until 14:00, the funeral procession will go to the Wellington Arch. Already in the afternoon, at 16:00 hours, the hearse will arrive in Windsor, and at 16:10 hours, there will be a procession on foot by the so-called The Long Walk. Half an hour later, the members of the Royal Family will join the procession. At 17:00, the coffin will be taken to the Chapel of Saint George.

Almost at night, at 20:30, a private family service will be held and Queen Elizabeth II will finally be buried.

11:00 – Countdown to the start of Elizabeth II’s funeral

It’s 11:00 in the morning in Spain, an hour less in London. And it will be precisely in an hour, at 12:00 hours in Spain, when the funeral of Isabel II begins.

This meeting of hundreds of heads of state has the greatest security display in modern history, in a day that will be recorded for history.

11:09 – Joe Biden arrives with his wife at Westminster Abbey

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has just arrived with his wife Jill at Westminster Abbey, amid strong security measures.

The American president has been one of the few who has not arrived by bus, but has done so aboard his bulletproof car, known as ‘The Beast’.

11:20 – First British ministers arrive at Westminster Abbey

Former British Minister Boris Johnson has just arrived at Westminster Abbey with his wife Carrie to offer his condolences, along with his predecessors Theresa May, David Cameron, and their respective spouses.

Johnson was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom until 6 September 2022, two days before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and was relieved by the woman who was the queen’s last Foreign Minister, Liz Truss.

11:25 – Prime Minister Liz Truss arrives at the Abbey

Liz Truss, British Prime Minister, has just arrived at Westminster Abbey with her husband.

Truss, who was Prime Minister only two days under the command of Isabel II, has begun her term with a historic event that will mark her two years at the head of the Government.

11:30 – Justin Trudeau at Westminster Abbey

Canadian President Justin Trudeau has just arrived at Westminster Abbey, where he and his wife pay their respects to Elizabeth II.

Trudeau has ruled out Canada opting out of the Commonwealth, as Antigua and Barbuda and Trinidad and Tobago have recently said.

11:41 – Queen consort Camilla arrives at the Abbey

Queen consort Camilla has just arrived at Westminster Abbey, along with her daughter-in-law, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, and Prince George, heir to the throne after his father, Prince William.

In a gesture of unity, Camilla and Kate Middleton, wives consorts of the king and the prince, have taken with them in the entourage the future heir, who is currently 9 years old.

11:45 – Transfer of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin to Westminster Abbey begins

The coffin carrying Queen Elizabeth II is already being moved to Westminster Abbey, where the last farewell will be given to the eternal monarch of the Commonwealth.

From the start of the transfer, it will be 15 minutes until Mass is officially held at Westminster Abbey, where most heads of state are now.

11:50 – Moving the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II to Westminster Abbey

King Charles III, along with his brothers Anne, Andrew and Edward, and in the company of his sons William and Henry, led the transfer of the coffin of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to Westminster Abbey.

Along with an amazing staging, and spectacular music, they prepare to give the last farewell to a very beloved woman both at home and worldwide.

11:57 – Only two descendants of the queen do not wear military uniform

King Charles III and his brothers Anne and Edward, as well as Prince William of Wales, are wearing the military uniform in the transfer of the coffin.

The only ones who do not wear it are Prince Harry, not being an official member of the Royal Family, and Andrew, brother of King Charles III, when most titles were withdrawn for the allegations of sexual assault against him.

12:00 – Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Westminster Abbey

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has just arrived at Westminster Abbey. All attendees stand as a sign of respect for the historic monarch.

The atmosphere inside Westminster Abbey is very emotional. They have just begun a song in homage to the monarch as they enter her coffin in the mythical religious building.

12:05 – Prince William appears behind his son and before his brother

Prince William of Wales has entered Westminster Abbey behind his son, the heir, George, and alongside his brother, Prince Henry.

At his side was his wife Kate Middleton, Princess consort of Wales, and the wife of his brother, Meghan Markle.

12:09 – Mass begins at Westminster Abbey

Mass for Queen Elizabeth II has already begun in Westminster Abbey, amid a poignant atmosphere of mourning.

The coffin of the historic monarch has been placed before the altar, in front of her children, her grandson William, Queen consort Camilla, heir George of Cambridge and Princess consort of Wales Kate Middleton.

12:14 – Harry and Meghan in the second row

Not being members of the British Royal Family by their own request, the former dukes of Sussex, Henry and Meghan Markle, are placed in the second row, behind the king, his brothers and heirs.

The protocol has been well studied so as not to miss the smallest detail, as is being observed at Westminster Abbey.

12:18 – Philip VI and the queen consort, seated beside the kings emeritus at Westminster Abbey

King Philip VI of Spain and Queen consort Letizia Ortiz have sat together in the Abbey of Westminster in the company of Kings Emeritus Juan Carlos I and Sophia of Greece.

There was no picture of the four together since January 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic erupted globally.

12:24 – Liz Truss reads a fragment of the Bible at the funeral of Elizabeth II

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, has made one of the Bible readings at the funeral of Elizabeth II, a decision that has been very much awaited.

The day of the Queen’s burial is leaving numerous images to comment on, and the Prime Minister will undoubtedly be one of them.

12:28 – What other members of the Royal Houses have attended the funeral?

Kings Felipe VI of Spain, Letizia Ortiz and the emeritus Juan Carlos I and Sofia of Greece have attended the funeral of Isabel II, but they have not been the only ones of the world Royal Houses.

The Kings of the Netherlands, William and Maxima, the Kings of Belgium, Philip and Matilda, Queen Margaret II of Denmark, the Danish Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary, the Kings of Sweden Charles Gustav XVI and Silvia, Kings Harald V and Sonia of Norway and Emperor Naruhito of Japan and his wife, Empress consort Masako have also attended the funeral.

12:34 – Pedro Sánchez does not attend the funeral of Isabel II

The day of the burial of Isabel II has counted with many heads of government, among which there is the president of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.vThe Executive has chosen to give priority to King Felipe VI and Queen consort Letizia Ortiz.

12:45 – Doña Letizia and Juan Carlos I will not go to Windsor

King Charles III of England told those attending his mother’s funeral that he would offer a private reception for the monarch’s burial, but at least two people are known not to attend.

Queen consort Letizia Ortiz will not be able to attend, as she must travel to New York to intervene with the UN. King Emeritus Juan Carlos I has refused the invitation and will not attend either, although in his case he does not allege any reason. Philip VI and his mother, Queen Sophia, will attend the private burial of Elizabeth II.

13:00 – Two minutes of silence in homage to Queen Elizabeth II

The United Kingdom has just observed two minutes of silence in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, as witnessed at Westminster Abbey.

The rest of the country has also paid tribute to the monarch on the day of her funeral in the morning and her burial in the afternoon, almost at night.

13:04 – The new British anthem plays

The new British anthem, which changes the legendary phrase “God Save the Queen” to “God Save the King”, has been played at Westminster Abbey.

This marks a new step towards the reign of Charles III, who, now king, shows a distressed face, almost at the point of tears, at the funeral of his mother, monarch of the Commonwealth between 1952 and 2022.

13:08 – Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral comes to an end

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II ends at Westminster Abbey, after more than an hour in which the last farewell has been given to the legendary monarch.

Now, her coffin leaves the Abbey, and a funeral procession begins to move her to the Wellington Arch, which will last until 2:00 p.m.

13:11 – London airport halts for half an hour

Heathrow Airport, located in London, has given orders to freeze all incoming and outgoing flights there for 30 minutes.

This act has been carried out as a union to show respect for Queen Elizabeth II, thus wanting to join the two minutes of silence in her memory.

13:18 – The funeral procession of Elizabeth II begins

The coffin of Elizabeth II has already left Westminster Abbey and is on its way to the funeral procession that will take place until 14:00 hours to transfer it to the Wellington Arch.

Already in the afternoon, the coffin will arrive in Windsor and will be given later burial, in a burial that will take place in the strictest intimacy in the Chapel of Saint George.

13:29 – Elizabeth II’s coffin parades through the streets of London

The coffin of Elizabeth II already parades through the streets of London, at the expectation of thousands of British citizens who have come to give the last farewell to their queen.

The burial of Elizabeth II will take place this afternoon in the Chapel of St George, where the queen will be buried and rest with her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, who died on 9 April 2021.

13:38 – The Royal Family heads the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II

The British Royal Family heads the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II, who will receive her burial this afternoon in the Chapel of Saint George with her husband, Philip of Edinburgh.

Harry, grandson of the monarch, and Andrew, son of the late sovereign, walk in the background by not having titles within the Royal House.

13:49 – Hundreds of British royal guards participate in funeral procession

Hundreds of British royal guards are participating in the funeral procession that carries the coffin of Elizabeth II to the Wellington Arch.

The funeral of the monarch has been the beginning of a very special day for the United Kingdom, where a historic era that has lasted seven decades closes.

14:02 – What will be done this afternoon?

From 16:10 hours, there will be a procession on foot through The Long Walk, to which almost all the Royal Family will join half an hour later.

At 17:00 hours, the coffin of Isabel II will be taken to the Chapel of San Jorge, and it will be at 20:30 hours when a private family service is done and the final burial of the legendary sovereign is performed.

14:11 – Royal Guard of Canada also participates in the funeral

Canada, a member of the Commonwealth, has transferred its Royal Guard to participate in the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II, having done it on horseback.

The arrival of Elizabeth II’s coffin at the Wellington Arch is lagging somewhat behind schedule, although it is a matter of a few minutes before it reaches its destination.

14:29 – Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at the Wellington Arch

It has taken about half an hour longer than expected, but the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is already in the Wellington Arch, thus ending the funeral procession of the monarch.

Now, his coffin will be transported in a car, which will be taken to Windsor, from where the procession will be made on foot to the chapel of Saint George, place where the queen will be buried.

14:40 – Elizabeth II’s coffin is on its way to Windsor

The funeral procession of Elizabeth II concludes and her coffin is already being transferred by car to Windsor Castle, where a procession on foot will begin in an hour and a half.

The burial of the monarch will take place in the strictest privacy, at approximately 20:30 hours, in the Chapel of San Jorge.

14:54 – The end of an era in the UK

With the funeral and burial of Elizabeth II, it marks the end of a historic era in the United Kingdom, with the woman who ruled the country from 1952 until her death in 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II has made history by becoming the second monarch with the longest reign in history (70 years and 214 days), only behind the 72 years and 110 days of Louis XIV of France, between 1643 and 1715.

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