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Spain relaxes restrictions and will no longer request the covid control form at the airport

BayRadio | September 20, 2022

Spain will relax its COVID-19 restrictions in order to enter the country. This has been confirmed by the Official State Gazette (BOE) this Monday in a resolution of the General Directorate of Public Health on health controls at points of entry to Spain, which states that, as of this Tuesday, no passengers arriving in Spain, Whether by sea or air, will have to submit the health control form required so far.

“Taking into account the evolution of the pandemic at a global level and the epidemiological situation in Spain, and in order to promote the normalization of international mobility, with the least possible impact on public health, it is considered appropriate to update some of the aspects referred to in the resolution of 1 April 2022”, the BOE stated this Monday, 19 September.

Until now, as a preventive measure, it was necessary for all people entering the country to submit this health control form as a responsible declaration with information regarding travel, personal identification, contact and location, epidemiological data or information from the vaccination certificate or diagnostic test. Starting this Tuesday, however, and coinciding with the relaxation of restrictions following the positive evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Directorate of Public Health has agreed to update some aspects of that resolution.

In particular, the eighth paragraph has been amended, which is now null and void. It will no longer be necessary to maintain the ‘Spain Travel Health’ (SpTh) app needed to fly. In it, passengers were required to complete, before departure of the flight, the aforementioned control form through the application or the website enabled to obtain an individualized QR code. With it, users would pass the security check and boarding, where they would have to present documents that demonstrated the veracity of the information entered in the application form.

Also, once normalcy in international cruises has been restored, the DGSP considers it opportune to “abolish the extraordinary measures implemented at the time for their restoration”, so passengers by sea will not have to comply from this Tuesday with the conditions contained in the document ‘Sanitary measures for the re-establishment of international cruises’.

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