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How many days do I get off work for catching the flu?

BayRadio | September 21, 2022

After two years of COVID-19 pandemic, this year we face the arrival of the flu without the sanitary restrictions adopted to curb the coronavirus. Many experts point to “uncertainty” with the arrival of autumn and winter. It is normal for flu cases to increase, although without restrictions, they could increase considerably compared to the last two years. That’s why doctors are encouraging people to get vaccinated against this virus.

This disease has a high transmission capacity. As a result, many affected by the flu will be forced to apply for a leave of absence from work to recover from the virus. In many cases the clinical picture is mild, although there are risk groups that could have much stronger symptoms. With the arrival of the flu, many will wonder how many days of leave they will have in case of contracting the virus.

Before receiving the sick leave, those affected by the flu must meet a number of requirements for the right to be absent from work due to the disease. Medical leave is issued by a doctor of the Primary Care system after an examination confirming an inability to work in cases of common illness.

To apply for leave, you must be registered with Social Security. It is also necessary that the disease affects the performance of work tasks. In addition, at least 180 days of contributions must have been paid in the previous 5 years, provided it is a common disease. Regarding the big question, in case of catching the infamous flu, the patient is entitled to between seven and 20 days off, depending on the case and severity.

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