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A 2-year-old boy dies after he hits his head on the ground in Abarán, Murcia

BayRadio | October 5, 2022

The event occurred in the Murcian town of Abarán while the minors played in the street.

A 2-year-old boy has died after bumping into another and hitting his head on the ground while playing. The accident occurred on Monday when, according to the Guardia Civil, one of the children fell backwards.

The two children played in one of the streets of the town this Monday around eight PM with their parents. Both were young children, one two years old and one slightly older. In a chance collision while they were running one of them fell backwards, took a blow to the head and was unconscious.

According to the EFE Agency, the child’s mother immediately called the emergency services as her son did not respond. Agents of the Guardia Civil, Local Police and an ambulance came to the location, but the paramedics couldn´t do anything to save the life of the minor.

The 2-year-old died and was given notice for the removal of the body, something that happened at midnight this Monday to Tuesday. The Guardia Civil has confirmed an accidental death, although proceedings have been opened and the child will be autopsied to assess other possible causes of death.

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