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Health experts report 7,173 new cases of COVID-19 in Spain.

BayRadio | October 7, 2022

Spain recorded 7,173 new cases of VOCID-19 in the last week. This was notified on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health.

Compared to the previous week, on September 13, the numbers in the last 14 days has been reduced by 18.83 points, standing at 130.14 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 149.03 points last Tuesday.

As for the autonomous communities, only Andalusia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Navarre and La Rioja are below the national average of coronavirus cases. In contrast, Asturias (132,26), the Canary Islands (170,80), Castilla La Mancha (217,84), Castilla y León (229,42), the Valencian Community (154,91), Extremadura (273,81), Galicia (192,45), Murcia (181,98) and the Basque Country (151,07) manage to pass the 130-point barrier.

A total of 65 people have died in the last 7 days from the disease, according to the Ministry of Health. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 113,279 people have lost their lives to the disease.

According to the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, since the beginning of the pandemic, 13,374,116 cases of coronavirus and 113,279 deaths have been reported in our country (65 in the last 7 days).

This week, the pressure in the hospitals has also been reduced. The total number of patients admitted by COVID-19 fell to 2,602 (287 fewer than on September 6) and the occupation in ICU also decreased to 169 patients (compared to 224 last week).

The highest saturation in intensive care units occurs in the Balearic Islands, Castilla La Mancha and the Basque Country.

Written by BayRadio

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