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A child dies after falling from a mechanical bull in Lobosillo, Murcia

BayRadio | October 10, 2022

Tragic news shakes the town of Lobosillo, Murcia. A nine-year-old boy died this Saturday after falling from a mechanical bull.

Emergency health services came to the site to try to save the life of the nine year old child. The boy went into cardiac arrest and despite the efforts of the health workers with cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers. A 061 ambulance also went to the site with health personnel, along with members of the Murcia Local Police.

The town of Murcia is shocked by the terrible news. The remains of the victim have been transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Murcia to perform an autopsy.

From the newspaper ‘La Opinión de Murcia’ they detail that witnesses saw how the child couldn´t hold himself well and fell against the ground. The blow was fatal.

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