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A mother and her 3-year-old daughter trapped in the car due to the heavy rain

BayRadio | October 11, 2022

The heavy rains that hit the peninsula during these days have left some shocking images at the gates of a school in Marinaleda, Seville. A mother and her 3-year-old daughter were trapped inside the car creating a rather distressing situation for both. The school principal managed to rescue them with a rope.

These moments of distress that Esperanza and her 3-year-old daughter lived when they were trapped in the car at the gates of the little girl’s school as a result of the heavy rains. They were stuck in the vehicle until the school principal rescued them and lead them to safety using a rope.

This distressing event has happened in Marinaleda, Seville, at the gates of a school. An event that, thanks to the principal, has only remained an anecdote, but could have had other more serious consequences due to the large volume of water in the area after the heavy rains that hit the country this week.

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