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Thieves dump hundreds of banknotes on a highway

BayRadio | October 25, 2022
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Drivers found hundreds of banknotes thrown on a highway in Chile, when, during a police chase, the thieves threw the loot stolen during the robbery onto the asphalt of a highway. The criminals did so in an attempt to mislead the agents chasing them, who ended up braking to collect the money.

The thieves had robbed a store in Pudahuel of around 10,000 euros. The police ended up arresting six suspects. Five of them are Peruvian nationals and the sixth is a 17-year-old Chilean. At the time of the arrest, these people were carrying firearms, with which they carried out the robbery.

In spite of the traffic in this area of the capital, the police officers were able to stop the traffic for a few minutes in order to collect part of the money that was thrown by the criminals.

It is not the first time that a pile of banknotes ends up scattered on the ground to the surprise of whoever finds them. This August in Madrid a striking event took place when four hooded individuals robbed a bank branch.

The thieves smashed the ATM, made off with piles of banknotes and fled in a car, leaving a few behind. In their haste to avoid being caught, they lost a large amount of money at the door of the branch. Some of the neighbors noticed the situation and took advantage of the situation to take some of the bills.

In addition, some drivers passing by at the time, got out of their cars and picked up some of the bills. The police began an investigation into these events, as it could possibly be a crime of misappropriation.

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