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This is the ‘ambulance of time travel’ that allows to freeze the human body for a future resurrection

todayNovember 11, 2022 2

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Currently there are 500 people in the world have been frozen and will resurrect in the future and 4 of them are Spanish. This is the process of freezing a human body.

This weekend a summit is held in Madrid with the world’s leading experts in cryopreservation of the human body. What they do is freeze human beings for a future resurrection in a few years.

It can be done as soon a person dies whilst their organs continue to function. The first thing to do is to introduce the recently deceased in the so-called ‘time travelling ambulance’ to maintain a cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the deceased so that their organs still receive oxygen.

Here begins the freezing process. For José Luis Cordeiro, an expert in cryo-preservation, it is necessary to lower its temperature by applying ice. Then the deceased will enter a cryopreservation center, there are only ten in the world and will remain at -196ºC. ” There is no biological activity and a patient can be there for a day, a year or a century,” explains this expert.

In the future, when the disease or cause of death can be medically cured, the frozen body will be “awakened”. ” Taking a person from the present to the future when these diseases can be cured,” adds Cordeiro.

So far only 500 people in the world are cryopreserved, 4 of them are Spanish.

In an interview, José Luis Cordeiro explained that the way to pay for this process would be through a life insurance for 15 euros a month. ” Cryopreservation and subsequent resuscitation are contracted,” he said. He also explains that it is not currently possible to do so in Spain “because of legal problems”, like with happened with cremation 40 years ago. Thus, the 4 Spaniards who are already cryopreserved managed to move to other countries: two are in the US, one in Germany and one in Russia.

“The goal is to make it accessible to all people and it will be very popular. In California there are already companies that include it,” explains José Luis Cordeiro.

No attempt has yet been made to resuscitate anyone, but this expert explains that this is the usual process to freeze sperm and eggs with vitrification, so “there are 8 million humans who have been cryopreserved as embryos or as eggs”. He also adds that the process of cryopreservation of organs has been proven and has been successful with rabbit kidneys.

“It is likely that in 20 or 30 years we will have treatments to reverse aging, so that in the future we will be younger than today. That is plan A and we are very close to it (…) Plan B: if you die, you have to cryopreserve,” concludes José Luis Cordeiro.

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