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Trump will run for election in 2024 to “return glory” to the US.

BayRadio | November 16, 2022

Trump has announced his intention of returning “glory” to a country “in decline” and “invaded” by people from other parts of the world.

Former US President Donald Trump has announced his intention to compete in the 2024 election to return to the White House and return the “glory” to a country “in decline” and “invaded” by people from other parts of the world. ” I am announcing tonight my candidacy for the US Presidency,” Trump said after reviewing the achievements of his time as a president.

Donald Trump has assured that he will make sure Biden won’t receive four years in the White House in 2024 because “the country cannot have more of that” while saying that he will get more votes in his favour compared to the 2016 elections.

After insinuating for months his intentions and amid great expectation for the “important announcement” he was going to make this Tuesday, the former Republican president confirmed from Florida, along with his wife Melania and other guests, that he will compete again in the presidential election. It will be his third campaign for the presidential nomination, as he was a candidate in the 2000 elections, for the Reformist Party and as a Republican in the 2016 elections in which he won. In 2020 he lost to Joe Biden.

Trump assured that his campaign will be that of the people and will be based on “issues, values and success”. He also assured that “this is not only a campaign, it is a cause to save our country” and asked “all patriots to get on board”.

This time, unlike 2015 when he announced his candidacy for 2016 in New York, Trump praised Latinos in his speech. He said they are good and enterprising people concerned about security and the economy just like him. He also praised Mexican President Manuel Andrés López Obrador, saying he is “a gentleman,” when he promised to return security to the border with that country and expel foreign criminals who enter the country freely.

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