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A woman found dead on the train between Madrid – Vigo

BayRadio | November 18, 2022

The passengers believed she was asleep, but upon arriving in the Galician city her death was confirmed. Now the causes are investigated.

Passengers travelling on the train that covered the route Madrid – Vigo have witnessed a sad event. A woman was found dead on arrival in the Galician city. Now the causes of the event are investigated, although everything suggests that it has been a natural death.

The events occurred at about 4.00 PM this Wednesday, as confirmed by the Local Police. The rest of the passengers traveling with the woman believed that the woman, about 60 years old, was asleep. However, when the train arrived at the destination station everyone got off but she stayed inside the train.

After checking that she was still apparently asleep, the emergency services were notified, but nothing could be done to save her life and she was presumed dead. With the confirmed death, the usual protocol was followed and the police are in charge of handling the case.

At the moment, the causes of death are unknown, although everything points to the fact that the woman suffered a heart attack.

At the end of October Renfe kicked out 22 children from a train travelling from Barcelona to León. Many passengers complained about the children’s behaviour, but their expulsion generated enormous controversy. A week later, Celtic fans were also kicked off the train for their bad behavior when they were traveling from Alicante to Madrid to watch the Champions League game.

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