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Kherson Experiences One of the Hardest Nights Since the War Began with 17 Bombings in Residential Areas

BayRadio | November 25, 2022

Russia takes revenge on the civilian population after losing the city. 17 bombings, according to Ukrainian sources. Several buildings have been destroyed. Among them, a nursery.

Seventeen bombings in residential areas have killed at least five people and injured several. One of the attacks has been on a nursery. United Nations warns of a catastrophic winter for millions of Ukrainians as 70% of the population of Kiev remains without electric, and also lack water. The situation is repeated in other regions of Ukraine.

Most of the city is in darkness. The trams have stopped, no traffic lights so the traffic jams are continuous and people are forced to walk. Citizens have been preparing firewood reserves for weeks. The pro-Russian authorities in Kherson have denounced the alleged execution of at least a hundred civilians by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the region’s capital.

According to Oleksander Malkevich, adviser to the pro-Russian governor, Volodimir Saldo, the Ukrainian army is also allegedly responsible for the disappearance of at least 200 people arbitrarily detained.

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office reported that the Russian Army has killed at least 438 children in Ukraine since the invasion began. According to official information from juvenile prosecutors, “438 children were killed and at least 841 injured”.

The institution pointed out that these figures are not definitive, since work is still being done to determine the actual number of casualties in the areas where hostilities are active, that is, where there is fighting between both sides. Prosecutors said they cannot confirm the deaths that have occurred so far in the territories that remain occupied by the Russians and in those that have recently been released.

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