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The Guardia Civil in Barcelona Assists a Birth in the Street

BayRadio | November 30, 2022

Little Xinru could not wait to get to the Hospital and decided to come in to the world in the Eixample neighbourhood in Barcelona. Her mother went into labor and a Guardia Civil officer assisted the birth.

This birth was very different from any of those that occur every day in Spain. The first thing the baby saw at birth, besides her parents, was not doctors or nurses, but several agents of the Guardia Civil of Barcelona.

The 36-year-old woman, Xiean, was on the street with her partner and had severe contractions. They were nervous when they saw a patrol car and did not hesitate to ask for help because the birth seemed imminent.

She was about to give birth and the agents, who were on duty in the area, decided to assist her on the sidewalk because there was no time to get to the hospital. They called emergency services and another patrol joined to help them, but the little girl was born before the ambulance arrived.

According to the Guardia Urbana, the birth was very fast and when the baby was born they confirmed she’s a girl in perfect health”, the police attended until the ambulance arrived that took them to the hospital.

The girl was born on November 23rd and a few days later the same four agents, two women and two men, who became “midwives” have visited the family. Smiles, gestures of affection and pride for helping that couple bring their baby into the world.

The parents were grateful for the help and highlighted “the rapid performance” at such a delicate time. By the way, the police have given the family a photo of the day of her birth. A portrait that will undoubtedly be different from the rest of babies because the event occurred in the street and birth attendants do not wear white coats but police uniform.

Written by BayRadio

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