What is Mobile Renting: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

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Like other rental businesses, such as cars, apartments, tools and much more, renting is now available for mobile phones. Usually on a monthly subscription. Anyone can acquire a smartphone with the guarantee of being able to change it from time to time without changing the amount of money you pay monthly.

Until now, there have been two ways in which we can acquire a new mobile phone: you can pay the full amount upfront or choose to pay in instalments. But now, another way to access a new device is introduced: renting a mobile phone. Just like anything else, it has its benefits and its negative aspects.

Renting has been in the commercial vehicle business for years, and it is beginning to triumph in the private market. There are car brands that only allow access through renting. The popularisation of renting among vehicles; is spreading to other products, such as mobile phones. In this article, we inform you of the pros and cons of renting a mobile phone.


Among the pros of accessing telephone renting are the following:

-The cost to access the phone is very low.
-It’s much easier to get the latest mobile.
-It allows you to enjoy the phone for the period that you decide.
-The renting service deals with telephone breakdowns, even if the problems are not originally covered by the mobile guarantee: they usually require insurance.
-The cost is maintained throughout the subscription.


-The mobile does not belong to the individual renting it: the subscription only entitles the use of the phone.
-When you stop paying you lose your phone, you also lose all previous investments.
-Contract durations must be met: it is not possible to get rid of the phone if it does not meet expectations. However, there is a 14 day trial period.
-Late payments involve additional fees. They may also involve the withdrawal of the telephone and the obligation to pay outstanding contributions.

There are several specific renting companies, operators and mobile manufacturers. Like Apple: in the United States it offers a subscription so that its customers always have the latest iPhone for a monthly fee. The contracts start at $39.50 for the iPhone 14 with a duration of 24 months.

Apple does not offer renting in Spain. Samsung does include it among its services: from 31.06 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE to 76.51 euros for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. In all cases a down payment is required as an opening. The duration of the contract is 18 months.

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