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A 21-year-old is Investigated for Stealing More than 30,000 Euros from a Company in Bétera, Valencia

BayRadio | December 7, 2022

The young man has allegedly stolen more than 30,000 euros online from a company in Bétera, Valencia. The fraudster used the method called ‘Man in the Middle’.

A 21-year-old is being investigated by the Guardia Civil in Valencia for allegedly appropriating more than 30,000 euros from a company in Bétera, Valencia. The young man committed the acts through the ‘Man in the Middle’ method, which allows the author, through computer attacks, to have access to the emails of both the provider and the client, without either being aware of what is happening.

According to the Armed Institute, the operation, called ‘Butchaka’, was initiated after a complaint from a company in Bétera that claimed to have been defrauded with a loss of more than 30,000 euros. When the company was going to make a payment, the fraudster responded with a manipulated email with a new bank account number.

Once the author received the money in the fraudulent bank account number, his intention was to divide the cash in to several other accounts, although the intervention of the Guardia Civil managed to stop this process by blocking the bank account that the fraudster used to execute the crime, getting the money back. This cash has been placed at the disposal of the court pending its return to the company.

The agents, thanks to the collaboration of the Barcelona Guardia Civil, located the alleged perpetrator in the town of Terrassa, Barcelona. He is a 21-year-old Spanish national who is being investigated for fraud and unauthorized access to computer programs. The proceedings have been handed over to the Court of First Instance and Investigation of Lliria.

Last April, the Guardia Civil managed to uncover the case of a very common scam, the lover boy. The Guardia Civil dismantled a network of suspected fraudsters who had managed to take large amounts of money from their victims, mostly vulnerable lonely women, taking over 40,000 euros from one woman or 53,000 from another. This is an alleged network of fraudsters, ‘lover boy’, who ask for money for plane tickets, among other things, in addition to promising eternal love to vulnerable women.

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