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The peak of the flu in Spain expected to peak at Christmas and the end of year

BayRadio | December 13, 2022
Your Cold And Flu Season Survival Guide 01

Flu, coronavirus and bronchiolitis seem to be here to stay. The coexistence of this triple epidemic is not at all easy for many. With the holiday season just around the corner, many are wondering what precautions should be taken to avoid falling into the clutches of this ‘virus soup’ that continues to thrive.

Many experts warn about the coexistence of these three viruses with the aim that we do not relax.

Experts have said this early appearance of viruses such as influenza may be due to lower immunization caused by the great protection of the last two years, such as the use of the mask. It is as if “we had made a break, a ‘reseat'”. Moreover, these diseases would have been “3 or 4 weeks ahead” of the usual date. This indicates that the peak has not yet arrived and that “the (peak) of the flu is probably at Christmas or the end of the year”, dates where precautions should be taken even more.

With this coexistence of different viruses and their respective variants, experts warn of the importance of protecting us. It seems that the mask is not going to be something temporary, but that we will depend on it more times than we thought.

Using the face mask as well as keeping social distance or, if you feel sick, avoiding meetings with people, are some of the preventive measures that we took during the pandemic but that we must maintain if we do not want to be a victim of one of these three viruses that are still on the rise at the moment.

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