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A Man is Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Abusing and Impregnating his Daughter

BayRadio | December 14, 2022
Awful News

The Supreme Court has upheld the conviction for a crime of sexual assault continued with intimidation.

A father has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a crime of continued sexual assault and intimidation of his underage daughter. As a result of these non-consensual relationships, the daughter became pregnant and had a child by her father. The Supreme Court has upheld the sentence.

The horrendous abuse the individual suffered began when the girl was 12 years old with inappropriate touching and began having sexual relationships with her father when she was just 16 years of age. Throughout the years, the condemned forced the minor to have sexual relations with her brother whom is 3 years younger.

The complaint to the parent occurred when the victim was 21 years old, since before then, she didn’t dare because of the intimidating relationship with her father. According to the sentence, upon learning the news that she was pregnant, the father ordered her to lie to the mother and brother about paternity. The victim has needed psychological assistance.

Before the judge, the defendant declared that they were consensual sexual relations, thus questioning the testimony of his daughter. but the defendant’s appeal to the Criminal Division has been dismissed.

The appeal of the daughter who requested that her father be convicted for 3 crimes and not only for sexual assault has also been rejected. The SC has confirmed the 15-year sentence, the maximum for this type. In addition, the paternity of the child-grandson has been declared with the impediment of assuming parental authority for the convicted individual. He must comply with a 500-meter restraining order and not communicate with the child or his daughter in at least 20 years.

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