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A Guardia Civil Murders her 2 Daughters and Commits Suicide in Quintanar del Rey, Cuenca

BayRadio | December 16, 2022

The woman has allegedly killed her daughters aged 9 and 11. The town has decreed three days of official mourning.

A Guardia Civil officer allegedly killed her two daughters aged 9 and 11, in the premises of the Guardia Civil of Quintanar del Rey (Cuenca), and then took her own life.

It was a companion of the alleged perpetrator who found the three bodies in the barracks where they lived. The event happened this Thursday in the town of Quintanar del Rey, in Cuenca, when a colleague went to look for the woman in the house an hour after she didn’t appear at work at 06:00 am. The Emergency Care and Coordination Service of Castilla-La Mancha received the notice and dispatched an emergency doctor and an emergency ambulance that have only been able to confirm the death of the three.

The incident is still under investigation and everything seems to indicate that the woman was the perpetrator of the shooting and then took her own life. The town is dismayed by the incident and the first signs of condemnation have already been given of a new case of violence against minors.

The mother and father of the girls had been divorced for just over two years, according to reports from some of the children’s paternal relatives. The mother had no history of psychological issues, according to sources from the Guardia Civil. The agent was active and was native to Algeciras (Cadiz).

According to the same source, they say that she wanted to move to Algeciras, her home town, with the girls. When the events happened in the barracks, it was the comrades themselves who found the bodies of the agent and the two girls.

“We found out about the incident on our way to work,” said Fernando Sánchez, one of the teachers at the girls’ school. They avoid giving more information about the situation out of respect for the family. The Community Board has transferred psychological support to the school where the girls were studying.

Quintanar del Rey City Council has declared 3 days of official mourning for the alleged murder. The neighbours will hold a minute of silence at 12:30 in memory of the victims and the flags will fly at half-mast.

The mayor of the town has lamented this “serious event” and has stated that the entire town is “dismayed”. In addition, he has conveyed his support for the family, a message that has also been spread by the rest of the political groups of the consistory. The president of the Junta de Castilla – La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, said that “we have woken up today with the tragic news that lead you to rethink everything in life” and noted that “we live in a world in which, unfortunately, atrocities happen”.

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