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One of the Alleged Leaders of the Group that Defrauded 2.4M in Cryptocurrencies is Arrested in Barcelona

BayRadio | December 16, 2022

He is one of the leaders of the international platform Everfx in Spain. This platform is allegedly involved in the scam of about 2,400 million euros with fake cryptocurrencies.

The Mossos d’Esquadra and the Guardia Civil have arrested one of the alleged leaders of the group who would be involved in the scam of 2.400 million euros with fake cryptocurrencies. The arrest took place at Barcelona Airport – El Prat. He is a member of the international platform Everfx in Spain.

Apparently, the agents stopped him when he landed on the flight from Romania. The man was supposedly “in charge of managing all the Spanish victims” through agents who redirected them to the platform he led. The contacts were made from ‘call centers’ of countries on the periphery of the European Union.

The judicial investigation was conducted by the Coroner’s Court number 2 of the Seu d’Urgell (Lleida) and the Prosecutor’s Office of Lleida, and the detainee is scheduled to be brought before the courts today.

The police authorities of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia and Albania dismantled, with the participation of the Mossos and the Guardia Civil, an alleged criminal organization whose members pretended to be experts in the world of finance and offered large amounts of money with an investment of 250 euros.

During the operation on the 8th and 9th November, the agents managed to deactivate some fifteen call centres, arrested two of the highest officials in Albania and issued international arrest warrants against the alleged leaders of the group.

According to research, the network earned 400 euros a minute and 50 million euros every three months. Hundreds of thousands are affected, mainly in Europe. After the international operation, the Spanish agents activated a search engine with the 476 supposedly fraudulent platforms that made up the criminal network so that the victims could have knowledge of the facts and file a complaint.

Written by BayRadio

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