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US at War Against TikTok: Congress Prohibits Its Employees From Downloading the Chinese Social Network

todayJanuary 3, 2023 2

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The House of Representatives has a ban on downloading the Chinese app. Another chapter of a technological battle of the cold war between Washington and Beijing.

The US House of Representatives has banned TikTok from its employees for “security reasons”.

A couple of weeks ago there was news about conspiracy theories that TikTok was spying on the United States Government from China’s offices. Something that has always been firmly denied, although some say it is true. Now, the United States House of Representatives has decreed that it will not allow TikTok to be installed on officials’ phones.

A few months ago data was leaked and there were layoffs at ByteDance, which caused him to prepare a new measure. Although, from the United States, they are considering completely banning TikTok, the most famous social network in the world today.

The United States intensifies its battle against the popular Chinese social network Tik Tok. Congressmen have been banned from using it for fear that the app will share data with the Chinese government. The reason for the ban is that Tiktok offers “a high risk due to a number of security problems”. That is why the debate on banning TikTok completely in the country has returned.

TikTok has no less than 80 million users in the US and among them, two out of every three are teenagers in the country. The director of the FBI warns of the danger this social network has, “it is a national security problem”. The reason behind this claim is that the user would give access to their location and personal information. For the director of the FBI, all information can reach the Chinese Communist Party.

Those responsible for the network, say that “they have never shared user data” but do not give guarantees, which opens a debate to completely prohibit the law in the United States.

“It’s a threat,” says Senator Marco Rubio. Biden’s administration has discovered that TikTok is also useful for getting votes, so it will remain for the time being, except for congressmen and members of parliament.

Written by: BayRadio News

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